Our Mission

318 Productions, LLC (318) is not only a recording, and lessons studio. We are a growing music production enterprise who uses all resources available to tap into the creative genius of our artists, production musicians, arrangers, and writers, in order to develop their talents to the highest potential. 318 is devoted exclusively to the creation, development, and professional productions of good music that crosses all genres. We strive to be a force for the advancement of music by actively responding to the contemporary, yet timeless needs. We strive to produce songs that are commercially viable while maintaining the identity of our individual artist.    We know music truly changes the world. It can forge cultures and ethnicities together and put them on one accord. In these times we are striving to drive people to see that we are one people, no matter the color, race, or creed. That’s why the development of our artists and music are so important to us.    318 also strives to provide outstanding professional consulting services and instruction to our Clients, in a wide range of music industry disciplines, including, but not limited to; artist development, marketing, promotion, advertising, songwriting, composing, arranging, publishing, touring, distribution, producing and merchandising, along with career guidance, and direction. We strive to cultivate lifelong relationships and promote the highest possible level of Artist/Client achievement through passionate, inspirational and innovative contributions to every project that we take part in.   

318 Bio

318 Productions, LLC is a woman owned company founded by Gloria B. Caldwell and Canita Rogers on March 18, 2014. The company established their storefront site and opened it’s doors on June 1, 2014 at its location, 461 M Capshaw Road, Madison, AL 35757.    318 Productions, LLC (318) is a music production/lessons studio in the Madison, Al area. Their lessons are in voice, bass, and piano. On the production side, they specialize in the creation, production, arranging, writing, and recording aspects of all genres of music. 318 offers a performance band for special events. This band arranges from 3 pieces to 10 pieces. Presently, they are currently evolving into a record label 318 Records and tapping into management, marketing, promotions, artist development and Instruction/Consultation of music artists. 318 currently has 3 artists on their production/record label and will dropped their first artist’s single in May of 2016, and the album, titled JoNathan in July of 2016.  318 is a music production company that takes an open approach using all resources available to fine tune the abilities of their artists regarding the art, and sound of the individual’s music. By being devoted exclusively to the creation, development, and professional productions of good music that crosses all genres, they strive to be a force for the advancement of music by actively responding to the contemporary, yet timeless needs. They strive to produce songs that are commercially viable without losing the identity of their individual artists.    In their 3 years of existence, 318 Productions, LLC has been privileged to develop, produce & record for the aspiring artist in the Huntsville, Madison, Athens community, artists within the Southern region, and even stretching out to the artist on the West coast. These productions have no boundaries, they have ranged from wedding tracks, dance production tracks, funeral “home-going” production, Spoken Word, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Soul, Hip Hop singles, EPs and Albums. They have performed throughout the Huntsville area with their band, and have debuted their First Lady, Lockart, with her single T.G.S. featuring Noel Gourdin, in September 2017. We are currently anticipating Lockhart's EP release in early 2018.

318 Productions Owners

Canita Rogers & Gloria Betts Caldwell

318 Productions, LLC was created by Gloria Caldwell, and Canita Rogers. We are two Alabama A&M graduates that have come together to form an upcoming Music Production company, and lessons studio, in the Huntsville/Madison AL area. 

Canita Rogers

Not only does she write, sing, play and arrange her own music and vocals, she is an exceptional pianist/bassist. Canita Rogers was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. She professed her desire of music to her parents at the age of 9. By the age of 11, Canita was playing Beethoven Sonata’s, it was then her parents decided to enroll her into a Fine Arts School and involved her in any and everything that revolved around music. Canita received a music scholarship to attend Alabama A&M University in fall of 1996. While attending Alabama A&M, she began working in various studios in the Huntsville area. The exposure to other musicians she received while working in studios encouraged her to learn the bass and guitar. In May 2002, she graduated from Alabama A&M with a B.S. degree in music education (piano and choral). Canita has also been involved in numerous activities, pledging Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternity for women, a member of Alabama A&M University Choir, the keyboardist for Alabama A&M Jazz Band, the bassist for a former all (black)-female band “Paradigm” in Huntsville, AL, keyboardist/singer/songwriter and periodic bassist for band “Remedy,” also located in Huntsville, AL, and the keyboardist for gospel artist Sean Simmonds (Alliant Records/Xist Records) in Atlanta, Ga. She has received numerous awards for her musical talent and skills. Canita was the recipient of the 1999 Gala Award (Alabama A&M), the 1996 recipient of the Edna Boykins Award. Canita has performed and worked alongside “Spanky” Chalmers Alford (guitarist for Raphael Saadiq and D’Angelo) and Kelvin Wooten (the keyboardist for Raphael Saadiq as well as many others). She has currently released her 1st single which she wrote and produced titled “How Sweet It Is” which can be heard in Huntsville, AL. She has released two of her songs on Remedy’s album, which is titled Remedy Live, and produced a track on Sean Simmonds’ album “True Story.”  Canita toured the world with BoneCrusher and his band “Valley High” as his bassist. She also toured with the Shegals, a female band that toured the US. covering tunes of the famous Eagles band, as well as various other bands. Canita is the sole producer of the JoNathan album 318 released, and continues to producer and write songs for all artists who come into 318 to acquire production and songwriting needs. Canita continues to be tenacious as she excels to accomplish her goals and aspirations of becoming a well-known dynamic musician, and producer. 

Gloria Betts Caldwell

Gloria Caldwell is CEO and Co-Owner of 318 Productions, LLC, a full music production and music lessons (voice/piano/bass guitar) studio in Madison, AL, and the CEO and Co-Owner of 318 Records, LLC, a Record Label. Gloria also is a Program Analyst in the Engineering Directorate, Resource Management Office at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC). She is a graduate of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical (A&M) University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.   Gloria discovered music and acting talent at a young age and it has always been a part of her life. She has been afforded the opportunity to perform in many stage plays, and has remained active in performing arts including plays, dramatic and comedic competitions, and singing activities. She was featured on the soundtrack (Rosa’s song) for the movie Constellation (2007) and is sought after to sing in formal programs associated with NASA. She was the lead singer for an All-Black Female Band “PMS” (Pretty Musical Sistas) which performed at various venues in Huntsville, Kentucky and Atlanta. She was also the front singer for the rock band “VooDoo Dogz” in Huntsville, AL. Gloria’s theatre experience includes the Crowns Production, in Huntsville, AL where she played the role of Velma, and Saved and Playing Church, alongside Christopher Williams, playing the role, Shanice. While she has a thriving professional life, music remains her love and will forever be a great part of who she is.    Gloria is active in her church, First Missionary Baptist Church, where she is a member of the FMBC YAM Choir and has served in various church related capacities. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and as opportunities exists, is involved in community role model programs in Huntsville, AL.    Gloria devotes her time to her two children, Giavanna and Jeffrey Grayson.